Sign in is a deflationary governance DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards to active users via Smart Contract protocols, while seamlessly incorporating transactional lotto pool rewards with liquidity rebalancing features and anti dump mechanics. TRY token is designed to be sustainable and maximize its value by being truly deflationary and encouraging users to be active by offering exceptional rewards. Every reward TRY token distributes is never detrimental to the overall supply, this means that the growth of TRY token will never be hindered in any way.

Every protocol is built to be 100% trustless and require no human interaction to…

HolderSwap has all the makings of a giant with their intentions to compete against Uniswap by offering greater rewards to the users. TRY holders will be able to directly benefit from this exciting long term partnership.

FaaS — Farming as a Service

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Value DeFi protocol to launch a state of the art liquidity mining program using the one-click solution of Value Liquid technology. We will distribute 800 TRY tokens using Value Liquid FaaS over the next 60 days.

The moment you all have all been waiting for is now here.

To farm TRY in TRYfarm simply provide LP to our trading pair on UNIswap at the following address:

Then head over to and click approve, after approved, refresh your webpage, then enter amount of LP you wish to farm and click farm. It’s that easy.


Full Text version:

Tony Warrick — Lead Dev
Brian Barnett- Team Manager
Reno — Owner of
Shappy- WarOnRugs


Try.Finance $TRY AMA Recap, January 4th, 2021 Recap👇👇

Start of the AMA recap:

Crypto94| Owner of Infinity Gainz, [04.01.21 12:05]

Lets start off with a Brief Description of what is TRY.Finance? Please explain

Tony Warrick, [04.01.21 12:07]

it is a very unique project some have said that it literally has almost all of the great features that defi offers packed into 1 protocol. Some of the mechanics behind is were inspired by other projects that had great…

100,000 initial supply

— 5,230.31 Burnt

— 43,853.55 Staking

— 32,939.49 LP Pool

— 3,600 Farming Pool (inactive still)

— 2,500 Marketing (Locked)

= 11,908.92 Circulating

The new TRY token ownership contract has been audited and deployed.

TRYFarm has been audited and approved, we will now begin testing via ropsten.
Upon test success we will begin site integration to make TRYfarm live.
Audited by: WOR

TRY finance team would like to give a very special thank you to

We used your group as the base of our initial public exposure and things could have not went any better! The group owner @PopSm0kee and his entire community were amazing and really helped making the launch of our project a blazing success. Because of the amazing work defigemhunterzz did our presale sold out in around 1 hour, with only 72 hours of public exposure.

Thank you for helping make a success!

Since launch just 36 hours ago.

4258.1374 TRY have been burnt!
That’s 4.258% of the total supply
Up 961.98 TRY in 1 day!

The deflationary mechanisms are working hard.

Important notes:

  • If you held 200 TRY at launch you had 0.2% of the supply, now your 200 TRY is 0.20889% of the supply!!
  • If this ratio is steady over 1 year your 200 TRY will become 0.324485% of the entire supply!
  • This would put the total supply at 61,728.39 TRY a decrease of almost 40%.

Tony Warrick — Lead Dev
Brian Barnett- Team Manager
Reno — Owner of
Shappy- WarOnRugs


Try.Finance $TRY AMA Recap, January 4th, 2021 Recap👇👇


DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards while seamlessly incorporating transaction lotto pool rewards with automatic buybacks and anti dump mechanics.

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