Deflationary model is working hard!

Jan 5, 2021


Since launch just 36 hours ago.

4258.1374 TRY have been burnt!
That’s 4.258% of the total supply
Up 961.98 TRY in 1 day!

The deflationary mechanisms are working hard.

Important notes:

  • If you held 200 TRY at launch you had 0.2% of the supply, now your 200 TRY is 0.20889% of the supply!!
  • If this ratio is steady over 1 year your 200 TRY will become 0.324485% of the entire supply!
  • This would put the total supply at 61,728.39 TRY a decrease of almost 40%.




DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards while seamlessly incorporating transaction lotto pool rewards with automatic buybacks and anti dump mechanics.