Announces Strategic Partnership With Holder Finance

HolderSwap has all the makings of a giant with their intentions to compete against Uniswap by offering greater rewards to the users. TRY holders will be able to directly benefit from this exciting long term partnership.

How will this partnership benefit TRY holders?

First stage will come in the form of being able to participate in HFS Round 2 LGE. Only TRY holders and other partnership holders will be able to participate in this event. The HFS LGE first round sold out in 2 minutes.

Second stage will be a TRY/HFS pool which will allow TRY holders to directly benefit in the farming of HFS tokens.

Third stage will be listing TRY/ETH pair on Holderswap, this will be great benefit and provide more trading options for all try holders.

More news will follow this announcement, in the mean time you can find out more information about by joining



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DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards while seamlessly incorporating transaction lotto pool rewards with automatic buybacks and anti dump mechanics.