is a deflationary governance DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards to active users via Smart Contract protocols, while seamlessly incorporating transactional lotto pool rewards with liquidity rebalancing features and anti dump mechanics. TRY token is designed to be sustainable and maximize its value by being truly deflationary and encouraging users to be active by offering exceptional rewards. Every reward TRY token distributes is never detrimental to the overall supply, this means that the growth of TRY token will never be hindered in any way.

Every protocol is built to be 100% trustless and require no human interaction to keep them running. This ensures that all of’s protocols can run forever and never be shut down by the result of human intervention. This also means that as a token holder you never have to place your trust in any human for any reason. The only thing you can trust in the crypto space is code, it never lies and once its deployed it can never change the way it performs functions. The best projects in crypto are the ones that provide 100% trustless protocols and prove that fact with complete code transparency. This is exactly what offers, this is our core belief and the only way we will ever release protocols.’s team is currently a fully dedicated team of 6 and is always focused on growth. Centered around an exceptional core of developers that have been coding solidity for years and have built countless protocols for many other projects. Our core developers have been coding for hire since the start of their journey in solidity, but after years of writing amazing code for others have decided to focus on their own project. This means that has some of the best developers in the entire ethereum blockchain and our token holders can now directly benefit from the project they are now completely focused on.

If you believe you have skills that could help our team advance and are looking for a great opportunity feel free to email us at, we are 100% growth oriented and are always looking for more amazing team members!



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DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards while seamlessly incorporating transaction lotto pool rewards with automatic buybacks and anti dump mechanics.