TRY token contract was audited by You can view the audit results here

Important notes:

  • The total supply is set to be 100,000 TRY at deployment. No minting functions are present.
  • Any ETH stored in the contract can only be used for these purposes; and cannot be withdrawn by the team.
  • All transactions are subject to a 2% tax. 1% of this tax on transactions is placed in a pool that is rewarded to the sender of every 25th transition and the other 1% of every transaction is sent to a burn address.
  • To discourage selling, 5% of all tokens sold on Uniswap are redistributed among participants in the project’s upcoming staking pool.
  • No security issues from external attackers were identified.

The TRY token code can be viewed here:



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DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards while seamlessly incorporating transaction lotto pool rewards with automatic buybacks and anti dump mechanics.